We value
honesty, trust,
hard work & integrity.


Nelson Family Companies was founded in 1973 in Stewart, Minnesota by Leo “Buzz” Nelson and his sons Marty Nelson, Sr. and Steve Nelson. Since its inception, the Nelson’s have striven for a close-knit family atmosphere amongst its family, employees, customers, and vendors.

The Nelson’s have continued to both build and acquire additional feed related companies since 1973 to bring continued value to their customers. Now employing over 300 people in total, each company is able to provide advanced products and solutions by integrating shared best practices and services. Learn more about each of the Nelson Family Companies by hovering over their logo.

We are fueled by a passion

that has been passed down through the generations.

Currently, second and third generation Nelsons are involved in all of the companies covering various roles. Each generation shares in bringing new business ideas and innovations that keeps the Nelson Family Companies growing successfully.

Our team and our company

Nelson Family Companies is continuing to grow. Every day we become more advanced and work hard to offer diversity in our products and services. We continue looking for opportunities to expand, acquire, and build.

Nelson Family Companies would like to thank all employees, customers, partners and vendors for your loyalty, business, and support. We look forward to many successful years to come!

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